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Here at Faith Life Now, our mission is to share strategies for balanced living in the areas of faith, family and finances. We are average people who God has changed, and we have a passion to connect with real people on a practical level to encourage them toward their destiny. You can’t fulfill your destiny until you get the “money thing” fixed, which is why Faith Life Now offers a wide array of practical tools and answers to life’s questions. We sincerely want to see you winning in life, doing what you love to do while making an impact in this world!

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Total Peace Package
In this teaching, you’ll learn to use the Word of God as a weapon against the enemy and exercise your faith so you can live in TOTAL PEACE!
Faith Over Fear 6 CD Set
You MUST learn how to handle fear or fear WILL handle you! But how do you conquer fear, especially if you’ve faced fears all of your life? Join Gary Keesee for this life-altering series and find out!

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FLN OnDemand
Watch your favorite episodes of Drenda, Fixing the Money Thing, and Faith Life Now conference sessions, instantly with FLN on Demand!
The Happy Life
At The Happy Life, we have created a space and support for you to grow and become your happy self! We call it your happy place in God, receiving and giving life-giving principles from the truth that works in real life.
Kingdom Advance
This spring we are launching Kingdom Advance groups all around the world. Stay tuned for more details!
Provision Institute
This 12-month course is designed to give you the spiritual and practical principles you need to be a success in all God is calling you to do. Gary has packed more than 34 years of knowledge and wisdom about how the Kingdom of God operates into an in-depth, easy-to-follow, step-by-step monthly course.

Featured Brands


Healing Hurting Hearts Is A Movement

We are a movement who have hearts to pursue more of what matters for our lives, and to share this with others. We glorify God and enjoy His presence. Our hearts are to rescue people because we have been rescued. Because Jesus is our hero, we awaken the heroes within us and reach out to the hurt, lost, lonely, addicted, abused, sick, heartbroken and broke to put them in front of Jesus to be made whole.

Drenda Keesee Ministries