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There are all kinds of ideas in the culture about what happiness is, yet people, and especially women, are more unhappy today than ever. Maybe that’s because the culture hasn’t found the “real key” to happiness. Demanding our way or blaming our frustration on others can only leave us as victims or as unfulfilled and self-centered.

There’s a better way!

The best way to grow and mature in our gifts and abilities is to touch others! “Give, and it shall be given unto you” is the key Jesus gave us to receive what we desire. I know you may be thinking: I give out to everyone constantly! That’s the problem!

We have answers!

When we learn how to balance receiving from God and sharing life with others, true happiness can begin.

At The Happy Life, we’ll help you find that balance and discover the principles of success that work!

At The Happy Life, we’ve created a space and set up support to help you grow and become your happiest self. We call it your “happy place in God,” where you’re receiving and giving life-giving principles from the truth that apply to everyday life.

It’s here you’ll find power-packed curriculum, videos, and specific content to help you in every area of YOUR life, including:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your emotions
  • Your well-being
  • Your health and fitness
  • Your family
  • Your finances
  • Your relationships

Plus, we’re adding new content every day!

ALL OF THIS is included in your $5 membership to The Happy Life!

Plus, you can get connected with other women walking the same journey you are! Happy Life women are meeting all over the world in groups and here through chat and shared curriculum, monthly webinars with Drenda, and social groups.


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Then ask yourself three simple questions…

  1. People?

Who are the people I want to reach and share life with?

  1. Where and when?

Where do I want to meet with them and when?

  1. Program?

What Happy Life curriculum do I want to share with my friends?

Join The Happy Life today and get started toward your happiest life ever! Let’s do it together!


Would you like to lead others to their happiest lives?

The fastest way to grow is by sharing with others. The Happy Life membership is designed to help you do just that!

Want to start sharing with others in a small group setting?

Take this simple, quick leadership course taught by Drenda.

Once you’ve taken the short leadership course, you’ll be certified to lead and can start your group.

It’s that simple!

Join the movement of women helping others rise to their happiest personal design and grow by finding purpose in reaching others. Our mission is to equip women to live happier lives in their relationships with God, their families, and the people they love.

We can’t wait to have you on our team!



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