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Gary Keesee – Author, financial expert, and successful entrepreneur

  • 12-month course designed to give you the spiritual and practical principles you need to be a success in all God is calling you to do
  • More than 34 years of Gary’s knowledge and wisdom about how the Kingdom of God operates in an in-depth, easy-to-follow, step-by-step monthly module format
  • Filled with the strategies and revelation that have helped change hundreds of thousands of lives around the world







  • Learn the 12 core areas that Gary has learned over the last 34 years, including the principles that completely changed his life—taking him from a life of severe financial dysfunction to a life of financial freedom, purpose, and passion.
  • Receive revelation and understanding in biblical economics, Kingdom law, principles, and provision.
  • Discover how to use unique strategies and timing to capture or create the provision you need.
  • Learn the keys that will free you from the prison of debt, lack, and poverty.
  • Gain purpose and tremendous personal freedom in your finances.
  • Learn to think critically, know what you believe, and why you believe it.
  • Grow on a personal level toward your God-designed destiny.
  • Life-changing mentorship teachings from guest faculty who were handpicked by Gary for their proven records of success in their spheres of ministry and business.
  • Study on your own time, at your own pace. On-demand training sessions make it easy to fit Provision Institute into any schedule.
  • Access to our exclusive online Provision Institute community and the ability to ask Gary and Drenda questions along the way.
  • Assignments and coaching questions designed to help you convert theory into practical application.
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the 12-month period.

On-demand Teaching Sessions

Each of the 12 modules is divided into four in-depth teaching sessions plus one bonus Q & A session. Each module has its own syllabus, workbook pages, and assignment(s).

Exemplary Guest Faculty

Each of our “cream of the crop” guest faculty members will teach one session a month. It is our privilege to offer you these 12 “giants” all in one program.

Exclusive Online Community

Each module includes materials to help you convert theory into practice, plus a Q&A session with Gary. They will inspire personal development in faith, finances, and purpose.


Dr. Samuel R. Chand

Leadership architect and consultant, author, change strategist, and speaker

Simon T. Bailey

Best-selling author, Success magazine’s 2018 Top 25, Hall of Fame speaker, and renowned teacher

Drenda Keesee

International Speaker, Author, and Life Coach

Dan Pilla

Premier Tax Expert


Amy Freudiger

Worship Pastor at Faith Life Church

Dr. Dean Radtke

International Vision Facilitator, Ministry and Corporate Counsel, and Strategic Planner

David Anderson

President of Dave Anderson’s LearnToLead, International Sales and Leadership Trainer and Consultant

Tim Keesee

Pastor, Real Estate Investor, Businessman

Bert Lindsay

Founder of Columbus, Ohio’s Honda East, Leading Honda / Acura Dealer Nationwide

Steve Higgins

COO of Forward Financial Group

Steve Lindsay

Specialist in High Volume Dealerships, Marketing, Process Management, Web Portals, CNG, PC Insurance Sales, and Business/Sales Training


Module 1: Orientation / Welcome to the Kingdom

When you’re saved, you become a citizen of God’s Kingdom. But what does that really mean? Find out in this critical foundational module. Learn the fundamentals of how God’s Kingdom operates, the laws that govern His Kingdom, and your legal rights and benefits as a citizen of His Kingdom.

Module 2: The Mystery of Faith

The Bible is supposed to work just like it says it will. So, why doesn’t it? Find out in this eye-opening module that brings clarity and understanding about the most fundamental principle of the Kingdom of God—faith. Get insight directly from the Word of God about faith; how it works; how to determine if you’re truly in faith; and how you can unleash its incredible power and see the promises of God manifested in your life.

Module 3: The Sabbath

You weren’t created to run on the world’s hamster wheel. God gave us a picture of the day when man would no longer have to strive, painfully toiling and sweating just to survive—the Sabbath. It was the day in which mankind was originally designed to live—a day with no worry, with everything we needed already in place before we needed it. And it’s still available for you today. Discover how you can live a life of rest in this powerful module.

Module 4: Spirit-led Wealth Building

You have access to some amazing help. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is our Counselor. He’s there to help you in life, in business, and in your relationships. He’s there to give you new ideas and plans that will take you to incredible places you’ve never been before, places that aren’t familiar and may seem downright ridiculous to you—but not to God. Get an understanding of the Holy Spirit and how you can receive His revelation knowledge for your life and provision in this critical module.

Module 5: The Mystery of Giving

In the world’s economy, the more you give away, the less you have. But that’s not how it works in the Kingdom of God. What would happen if you viewed money differently? What if you viewed the entire purpose of your wealth, the entire reason that you desire money, as a means to help people, and made your money fully available for God’s purposes? Find out in this revolutionary module.

Module 6: Open for Business

Opportunities are knocking. Are you listening? Get ready to change your mind-set to one of success, entrepreneurship, and opportunity through this practical module on the Marketplace Ministry paradigm. Find out how you can get creative ideas, expand your success potential, and create more avenues to success, as well as two key principles you must put into practice: the Principle of Profit and the Principle of Usage.

Module 7: The Nine Laws of Acceleration

God laid out a formula to help you enjoy the good life—nine laws that will help propel you in your business, family, and life. Discover how to stop doing things the ordinary way and to accelerate into the destiny God has for you in this compelling module.

Module 8: Promotion: Meeting the Qualifications for Success

Are you disqualifying yourself from God’s destiny for your life? There are certain qualifications each of us must meet before we can be promoted in life and toward success—qualities we must exhibit like faithfulness, loyalty, trustworthiness, and others. Are you demonstrating them? Brace yourself for this hard-hitting module that covers the keys to your promotion and how you can avoid disqualifying yourself.

Module 9: God’s Health Care Plan

In this module, you’ll examine the evidence in the Word of God that proves it is possible to live a life free from health concerns. Total healing isn’t just possible; it’s promised!

Module 10: Better Together: Teamwork and Agreement

The Old Testament prophet Amos once asked the question: “How can two walk together unless they are in agreement?” The wise king, Solomon, echoed that when he said two have a better return on their labor than one because “if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” This module explores the principles behind this biblical wisdom and the power of agreement.

Module 11: Practice + Principle = The Winning Combination

God wants you to have a great life. But you have a part to play. Prospering in the Kingdom will require that you take actions—both spiritual actions and natural actions. In this module, we’ll study the age-old enemy of debt, learn the principles of being financially free, and discover how to find new sources of money.

Module 12: Common “Cents”: Understanding How Money Works

Get ready to dig deep on your journey toward financial freedom, peace, and rest as we look at practical topics like insurance, taxes, and investing, as well as the Kingdom qualities of righteousness, forgiveness, and spiritual liberty and how they relate to your financial freedom and security.


Option 1: One-time Payment

$1,999.00 due before you begin your course of study

Option 2: Monthly Payment Plan

$167.00 per month for 12 months

Couples: Add your spouse to your enrollment for just $299.00!


Gary Keesee is an author, television host, international speaker, financial expert, successful entrepreneur, and pastor whose mission in life is to reach and care for the hurting and the lost and to help people win in life, especially in the areas of faith, family, and finances.

It’s been said that “experience is the best teacher,” and that is certainly true for Gary. Born in New Albany, Ohio, Gary was a painfully shy kid who preferred being outdoors by himself to being around people. Everything changed for Gary when, as a late teen, God called him to preach, and he began telling anyone who would listen about Jesus. Soon after, he followed God’s prompting to attend Oral Roberts University.

After graduating from Oral Roberts University and marrying Drenda, the love of his life, Gary and Drenda found themselves in an increasingly downward spiral of financial chaos. They were believers, but they struggled financially for nine very long years. One day, reaching the end of their rope and desperate to know why they weren’t experiencing the promises of the Kingdom in their lives, they cried out to God for answers. Gary heard God speak and say that the reason they were living in such a financial mess was because they didn’t know how His Kingdom operated. Confused as to what God meant, they asked Him to show them how His Kingdom operates, and they began to seek real answers from His Word concerning faith, family, and finances.

That’s when everything changed. In less than three years from that day, they were completely out of debt. They began to pay cash for their cars, built their dream home, and started businesses that allowed them to prosper financially and have the ability to give tens of thousands of dollars to help others. (That number has grown over the years to total millions that have been given to others.) Their marriage and family were stronger, and they launched Forward Financial Group, their financial business, to help families and individuals live financially free.

In 1995, Gary felt the strong call to begin pastoring and to share the answers they had found in the Kingdom—so others could experience God’s promises in their own lives and effectively walk out their own God-designed futures. What began as a small basement Bible study grew into Faith Life Church, which Gary and Drenda now pastor together in New Albany, Ohio.

Now, more than 27 years later, as president and founder of Forward Financial Group, the founding pastor of Faith Life Church, and founder of Faith Life Now, which produces two television programs—Fixing the Money Thing and Drenda—Gary and Drenda are on a mission to see people win in life. They also host worldwide conferences and provide practical resources for nearly every area of life. Gary has helped thousands of families and individuals realize their God-given potential and experience the life-changing principles of the Kingdom of God.

Gary has committed his life to sharing the answers he found in the Kingdom and to motivating, educating, and inspiring others to discover their purpose, pursue success, and leave positive spiritual and moral legacies for their families.

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