What if I told you that one decision could change your life forever?

You might think what you have and what you can do are too insignificant to ever change your circumstances, let alone the world. But what if I told you that it’s not what you have that makes the difference, but it’s how you use it?

If you want more out of life, I’ve got some exciting news for you. You don’t have to work harder or longer hours to be more successful to give back; you just have to make the hours of life work for you. Your time is priceless, and you can’t afford to waste it by running in circles. That’s time that you could be spending on what really matters to you.

That’s why we have developed a Partnership program to help you live a happy, purpose-filled life while also giving back to support others around the world. Don’t get caught up with the urgent and miss the ultimate.

Where Does My Money Go?

We support nine worldwide outreaches that feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, help stop sex trafficking, provide care for orphans, conduct crusades in Muslim nations, support missionaries on staff in third-world countries, and so much more. Our partners also send the Gospel out through conferences, television, radio, resources, and special events.

Partner Levels

Life Revolution

$25/month or $300
one-time annual gift

  • Covenant to pray for you
  • Special partner resources by Gary and Drenda
  • Team Revolution partnership card
  • Discounted conference registration
  • Opportunities to receive exclusive teachings
  • Monthly teaching and letter from Gary and Drenda
  • 10% partner discount on all FLN resources
  • Access to the Team Revolution partner website which includes: expert blogs, money-finding tips, connections with other partners, and more!

Inner Circle

$100/month or $1200
one-time annual gift


  • Texts from Gary and Drenda with encouragement, tips, or financial alerts
  • Inner-Circle-only webinars with experts to mentor you in business, leadership, and self-improvement
  • 30% partner discount on all FLN resources
  • Gold covenant partnership ring